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rachael ray acai

If you think of German cuisine as of a mere mix of Beer & Sausage, then it would be a reprehensible statement of this very fine tradition of German Foods. It is well known fact that German appreciates the vigorous, well-prepared, well served foods. In fact, German cuisines have impressed the every person who is having great craving for nice food. To fill your tempting buds, you can find numerous diverse dishes which are only typical to specific German regions.

You can start this great culinary journey from the delicious pastries like Konditionarei to the street side Schnell Imbiss flooding with many German fast food specialties like Pommes Frites, Curry Wurst, Bratwurst, Kabobs Fleish Spiese etc. Visit your nearest local German restaurant and you will come across the many traditional recipes of German food. Moreover, post world war era has seen their healthy cuisine adapting to hale and hearty trends and tastes of immigrants, their dairy products and sausage industry, and their cheering spirit.

Germans prefer the breakfast menu consisting of bread, toast, and bread rolls supplemented with jam, honey, marmalade, eggs over a cup of strong coffee or tea. For children, usually milk or cocoa is prefered. Delicacies like deli meats, such as ham, salami are also common on breakfast menu.

Traditionally, Lunch has been the main meal of the day which is usually eaten around noon.In comparision, Dinner is always a smaller meal which is made of sandwiches sometimes. But, last 50 years have seen aquite radical shift in those eating habits. Of late, most of the people prefer a small lunch around noon and like to enjoy a hot relaxed dinner in the evening. Breakfast is still a very elaborated, popular concept and can be perfect occasions to invite friends and guests.

Meat and Fish - Pork being the most preferred constituent of German food, although other main sources like beef and poultry are consumed. Among poultry products, chicken is the most popular, but goose, duck, and turkey are also well appreciated. Generally, you will find local pot-roasted meat and imported pan-fried dishes from France. Meat is often eaten in form of sausage throughout Germany. It is a trend for certain families here to make their own sausage for personal consumption.

Today many seafish like salmonTrout, fresh herring, mackerel, sardine, tuna are commonly served while common freshwater fishes on German menus are carp, pike, and European perch. Once, seafood was traditionally restricted to the northern coastal areas. Freshwater fish are often served grilled Fresh water fishes are more prefered in traditional German food than sea water fishes.