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The Cookie Tin -On-line Cookie cookbook featuring over 150 international cookie recipes. You will find cookie treasures from around the world.

Indian Food Recipes -Spice up your meals with some Indian recipes that include goan and assamese cuisine.

Mexican Recipes -Authentic Mexican recipes with links to Mexican desserts & vegetarian dishes as well.

Latin American Recipes -Low-fat and heart healthy recipes published by the U.S. Department of Health and the National Cancer Insitute in January 1995.

Tiramisu Recipes -This site has alot of different recipes for Tiramisu (an Italian dessert).

Italian Cuisine - All kinds of Italian recipes, tips, and much more.

Chinese Cuisine - Canton style, Northern style, Szechuan style, Shanghai style, and lots more.

Cajun Cooking
- Lots, and I mean LOTS of Cajun recipes!

Kraft Cool Mexican Recipes - Dips, desserts, fajitas, enchildas, and more!

Ortega -Recipes from Ortega.

Nestlé Food Service -Featured chefs, tips, branded recipes, and more.

The Congo Cookbook -A very nice site filled with African recipes.

India Chef's Corner -This site has select recipes from the 10 different regions in India.

Sally's Place -Here, you'll find all kinds of information about Brazillian cooking and recipes.

Italian Cuisine -This site's English version is still under construction, but I browsed the Italian version and it looks like a great site. I can't wait for the English version to be finished!

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Chinese Recipes (Carnegie Mellon University student site) -4 menu suggestions plus many recipes including won tons and lo mein.

Azteca Foods -This site has Mexican recipes, party ideas, a kids' club and more.

Houston Chronicle Mexican Recipes -Several recipes including one that, according to Cointreau, is the original margarita recipe created by Margarita Sames in 1948.

Frugeé's Cajun Crawfish -15 different cajun crawfish recipes.

Mexican Cuisine -From the University of Guadalajara in Mexico you'll get information about Mexican foods and cooking along with traditional Mexican recipes.

ChinaVista's Recipe Corner -18 different catagories by region or type including medicinal, Hunan, and Canton.

Beyond Asia Magic Chef -20 different Asian areas of cuisine to choose from.

European Cuisines -This site has recipes for all regions in Europe. Find the ethnic origin you're looking for and click to go to that site. This site is a really great source of European cooking!

Ethnic Recipes -Enchiladas, pierogis, etc.

Ethnic Recipes on the Internet -Cajun, Chinese, English, Ethiopian, Filipino, German, Greek, Italian, Mexican, Spanish, & Welsh recipes.

Good Food -links to 33 different ethnic recipe sites.

Arrisje's Cookbook -lots of Dutch along with other ethnic recipes.

University of South Florida -African-American, Chinese, Hispanic, & Japenese recipes.

Hendricks Ethnic Recipes -Ethnic recipes from the residents of Hendricks, Minnesota.

Weirton Library -33 different nationalities to choose from. All these recipes were provided by the residents of Weirton.

Soulis -Greek recipes and other information about Greek food can be found here.

Kyawt Kyawt's Kitchen -Alot of Burmese recipes sorted by catagory.

Yaffles & Yaffles -Newfoundland heritage & recipes such as bangbellies, toutons, damper dogs, & duffs.

Slate Valley -12 different ethnic dishes.

The Kitchen Link -16 assorted ethnic recipes.

Uta's Cooking Recipes -5 different catagories of recipes from different countries.

Ethnic Flavors -26 different ethnicities to choose frrommm.

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The Kitchen Link -16 assorted ethnic recipes.

Uta's Cooking Recipes -5 different catagories of recipes from different countries.

Ethnic Flavors -26 different ethnicities to choose frrommm.

Samosas -East Indian cooking from the heart.

Bear Lover's -Here, there are alot of recipe files in zip format that can be downloaded. ****Please remember to take precautions when downloading any file from any site to avoid viruses.****

1 2 3 Cook -American Regional, Italian, Mexican, Huuungarian, Polish, and more recipes.

Berk's County Recipes -Authentic Pennsylvania Dutch recipes.

The Creole and Cajun Recipe Page -Learn secrets to some of the best Creole & Cajun food.

A Cajun Family's Recipe Collection -Experience the taste of Louisiana authentic recipes 2 different links (book 1 & book 2) with over 500 recipes each!

About French Cuisine -French recipes, and links to other French food things like picnics and even a recipe of the day alot of the recipes are simple country French meals with easy instructions and tips included